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Jason Flores

February 26th, 2008

Rogue philosopher and militant musical desegregationist Jason “Krivo” Flores is a true outlier. His “Balkan Beat Box meets Triplets of Belleville” compositional flavor heavily influences the overall Vagabond Opera musical aesthetic. Krivo is skilled on the upright and electric basses, gypsy jazz guitar, melodica and his current favorite instrument the traditional Mexican guitarrón. An instrument which he has somewhat single handedly thrust into the realms of gypsy jazz, and Balkan folk music.

There is a saying that Turks and Bulgarians are born with one leg shorter than the other. This theory explains why most of their dances are in 7/8, 9/8, and other lopsided time signatures. We can’t say whether or not this fact is true for the Turks. However, we can tell you that bassist Jason Flores was born with one short leg (which led a Bulgarian folk dancer to dub him “Krivo”, the Bulgarian word for crooked). This biological fact is thought to explain his lifelong attraction to both left leaning time signatures and politics.

Jason is also a passionate intellectual and speaks openly on many topics including philosophy, science, Taoism, Buddhism, mysticism, attachment parenting, polyamory, and gay rights. He is currently writing his first book tentatively titled “Magick without Metaphysics: A Handbook for Science Positive Spirituality”.

His philosophy has been called “Mystical Atheism” by fans and critics alike. He likes to describe it as containing all of the transcendence and insight of religion with none of the superstition or dogma.

In Vagabond Opera he helps the group stay in touch with their shadow side and is usually the first to advocate the controversial and edgy. Currently Krivo also performs with Trashcan Joe, Saloon Ensemble and his own project, Krivo Swing. He can be heard playing upright bass and guitarrón on Hunter Paye’s latest recording “Dualities Dilemma” and on Captain James Cook’s upcoming solo CD.

Jason Has no free time, but enjoys reading nonfiction, poetry and philosophy, practicing new instruments, teaching his daughter to play the ukulele and writing overblown biographies in which he refers to himself in the third person.

Jason studied jazz composition, music theory, and world philosophy at the University of New Mexico before leaving to pursue a wider spectrum of musical interests. Jason’s previous flirtation with Middle Eastern and Balkan music became focused when he met Armenian American master clarinetist Souren Baronian in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jason learned much of the nuts and bolts of Turkish/Armenian music and rhythm from Baronian’s workshops and concerts.

He is also the Creator of Krivo Pickups, amplification solutions for acoustic instruments available through and