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March 4th, 2008

Portugal oh Portugal!
How can I have lived so long without recognizing your
splendor? The austere mix of the ancient and modern
architecture in Braga. The rural village charm of
Esterrega, the beauty and history of Portolegre, and
the vast urban landscape of Lisbon. Ahhh….what an
enjoyable experience. Traditional food from menus I
can’t read, more ways of serving fish than anywhere
this side of Norway all contribute to charming me
completely. Most of all though, the audiences are a
reminder of just how wonderful being a musician can
be. The reward to offset the long travel, low pay,
years of practice, sacrifice and hard work is the
reaction of people truly moved by what you do. Yes
indeed, it is very satisfying. We still have three
shows left in different cities, bringing our total to
six, not including a press showcase we’re doing this
evening or our appearance on the long running “Fatima”
variety show . Hosted by Fatima Lopez, the show is
three hours daily, and somewhere between “Ellen” and
AM Northwest. Mark handled the interview portion in
Portuguese.We followed a doctor who wrote a book on
Hemmeroidas, but it wasn’t that much of a pain in
the……..oh! look at the time! More later……