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Arrival in Portugal!

February 26th, 2008

Mom! Look I’m in Portugal!

Thank you for joining us as we extrapolate on the grandiose adventures of these Vagabonds 6, as they traverse the unknown and exciting realms of uncharted waters, known as PORTUGAL!

Intrigue! Adventure! Jet Lag!

We arrived on Feb 26th in Braga, the Roman Catholic Hub of the country, where 95% of the citizens pray to God, and there are more churches than houses. We stayed in a Brazilian hotel, where you can actually open to windows on the 6th floor (In the US they don’t allow this, due to suicide lawsuits), and enjoyed the tiny elevators and bidets in the rooms (oh yes indeed).

The show:
How do we put this? Today we arrived at the one of the most incredible venues we have ever seen!


An early 1900′s fully restored European Opera House, complete with 5 full circle balconies, ornate gilded marble statues and red and gold bling! It is like stepping into the court of Louis the IX. It is the most perfect venue ever for Vagabond Opera.

For a first show in this wonderful country we are spoiled. The crew is wonderful (Our scottish “international liason,” known as Sandy, went and got Lesley a musical saw hers got somewhere got lost somewhere between Frankfurt and Porto, and got skip a cello from zee local school). We made many friends already and played to a 850 person audience who laughed at every joke (amazing), gave us a standing O, and made us addicted to Europe right from the start. We learned that in Portugal they don’t usually do an intermission. After our 2nd set, we promptly left the stage with the audience wondering what the hell was going on, and had to go back and explain it to them.

After the show, we schmoozed, with the wonderful people, who, we learned are all thirsty for this neo-bohemian cabaret circo-ism that is coming out of the West coast of America. it is a phenomenon people. The Yard Dogs road show began the ball rolling, and now it is the rage over here. They all want to come to the West Coast! Asking about festivals and other bands….it is so cool to see, as they have nothing like it over here at all.

Back to the hotel at 2am, where, for me at least I enjoyed jet lag until 7am, where I lay awake and then fell asleep deeply right before the alarm went off. Crazy.